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World Games 2022

What are World Games?

World games is an International Sports Event that is held every four years. It spans for over 11 days. Sportsmen from over a 100 nations participate in one of the greatest Sporting Events of the world. About six hundred medals will be awarded to the winners in different genres. International World Games Association (IWGA) leads the World Games. It comprises of The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and about thirty seven International Sports Federations.

History of The World Games.

The International World Games Association (IWGA) was established in 1980 under Swiss Law. The goal of IWGA is to create a sports legacy of the games that are administered by its Member Federations. The IWGA was established on May 21, 1980, and has expanded to thirty seven Federations of Members, as compared to just twelve Member Federations since its establishment.

The World Games 2022.

World games 2022 will be held in Birmingham. This particular edition of the World Games was to be held in 2021, however, when the Olympics were rescheduled from 2020 to 2021, The World Games also were postponed by one year. The World Games 2022 is estimated to generate an economic impact of about $256 million for the metropolis it will take place in.

Insights to World Games 2022

Entry into the World Games is a tough challenge. Only the best of the best sportsmen or teams get a chance to participate in it. And those lucky few that cross the checkpoint, their names could be found on the website of The World Games. The last date to register for athletes and teams was 31st March, 2022. The game categories that are to be held in the World Games 2022 are artistic sports,

ball sports, martial arts, precision sports, strength sports and trend sports. It is the eleventh World Games. International World Games Association chose the host city. There will be about thirty sports (official) in 54 categories, which will be held at more than thirty locations in different parts of Birmingham.

Women’s fist-ball, kickboxing, drone racing are a few of the games that have been introduced as official sports. Some games are invitational, that consist of seventeen events that include flag football, wheelchair rugby, men’s lacrosse etc. to name a few. The shape and design of the medal that is to be distributed was displayed in the month of February 2022. CBS Sports Network will perform the broadcasting in July 2021. Paramount will show special shows for one-hour special.  

In the year 2019, the World Games 2022 revealed their program called World of Opportunity, which basically is a supplier diversity program. Event production, Sports Equipment, Printing, Construction Services, Promotional Items etc. are some of the categories that are accepted by the World Games 2022. Besides this, a variable experience was introduced to build up excitement for the event that includes numerous activities, like sumo wrestling, interactive games, photo taking programs etc.

Farewell to World Games 2022.

The title for the World Games 2022 is, ‘One World-One People: Celebrating Legacy, Achievement & Unity’. Finally, at the end of the World Games 2022, a farewell will be held, which will also include the ritual of passing the flag to the next host, China. 

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