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My Worst Interview-Really Shocking

After aggresively applying to various job advertisements for available job opportunities, I being a build and venture technique author by profession, also applied for a junior flying investigate work. Even after two months of applying I did not receive any call from the company. It was quite obvious by now that I was not getting any call from the company. At that point, unexpectedly, I got an email from them arranging a phone meeting. At that point, I had applied for multiple job openings, so I was not as much interested in this particular one. But, to be respectful and keep my choices open, I planned the phone interview. My interview was not up to the mark. I was least interested in it, and my delivery was awful. I was sitting on the couch in my living room with my pet cat on my lap. Being quite unaware of the organization I was too casual during the interview call.


The interviewer told me that this specific job role requires active use of computer, however, I was not sound enough in computer. “I would need an instructor who could guide me on it”, I said.


The Interviewer questioned me if I had any queries regarding the organization or the job description. Upon this, I inquired about the same, but quite randomly being not much interested. I did not try too hard to make myself the suitable candidate. I was extremely fair. When I was done

with the interview I was pretty sure I did not make it. The interviewer sounded uninterested but was humble.


A few days later, I got a call from the employer. Much to my surprise, I was selected for the job. While analyzing my interview I have reached to the assumption that my casual behavior made me sound confident; making it clear of the tasks I am able and unable to do. I also made it clear that I would be needing help regarding computer. All this made the interviewer admire my honesty. 


When I joined the new job duty, I made every effort to work with dedication and zeal. I wanted to make it apparent to the boss that I was hard-working and professional unlike what I came off during the interview call. I learned about the organization’s ‘about’ during my initial period. I worked very hard to make myself proficient in computer, so that I could be fluent at work. With great pleasure I submit that now I am working at the senior position of the same organization.


This is how my worst interview turned out to be one of my best interviews in my career. The interview was quite casual and humorous and had the least effort input by me, but it was a total surprise for me to get selected. However, since I got this job I have been working with great enthusiasm and dedication. But this is one interview that I will never fail to recall.

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