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Interesting Facts about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The disbursement of a certain percentage of the total sale of the products or services which the company provides.  It is a process in which company pays its affiliates for selling certain products on its behalf, but via a channel different from the company.

Affiliate Marketing Facts

Affiliate marketing is an ever growing trend in modern businesses. Therefore it is best to have the information about how it works, and its interesting facts. It is a commission based earning protocol. The more the affiliate brings to the company’s profit, the more commission he or she make through the selling. Following are some of the interesting facts of Affiliate Marketing.

  1. A $12 billion dollar industry that spans the globe.

Affiliate marketing is not just rapidly expanding, but it is also a big worldwide industry. It was valued more than $12 billion in the year 2018, with the United States and the European Union leading the charge. This isn’t surprising, given that they are the regions with the highest internet activity.

  1. Affiliate programs are vital to 90 percent of marketers.

Over 90% of marketers polled in 2016 stated affiliate programs are critical for the marketing campaigns. In addition, most companies stated that affiliate agreements accounted for 20% of their yearly income.

  1. Web hosting companies has one of the greatest affiliate schemes.

Web hosting is a very saturated market. There are several high-quality solution providers competing online for a totally digital offering Available are some of the highest-paying affiliate programs. This had a significant impact on how the hosts promoted themselves. Presently, almost every hosting company offers profitable affiliate programs.

  1. Fashion has by far the highest affiliate programs, according to multiple affiliate links.

As per a research from the affiliate marketing business, the fashion segment has the highest affiliate programs (18.70%). Sports and recreational activities constitute of about 14.60 percent, trailed by health and wellbeing that make up 11.10 percent of the total affiliate programs.

  1. Coupons have an impact on a consumer’s purchase decisions.

Affiliate marketing revenues are affected by coupons. Throughout frequent shopping visits, about 83 percent of shoppers said vouchers and coupons were the primary factor for purchasing a product.

  1. An Affiliate Program for Podcasters from Apple.

In order to get access of Apple’s calculated results on efforts of podcast marketing, company’s affiliate program can be joined by the Podcasters. Products may range from web advertisements and social promotions etc. Each subscription product sold through an associated link you offer will earn you a reward.

  1. Seventy four percent of the total of people trust social media to help them make purchasing selections.

Out of the total respondents, seventy four percent of them had no reservations about using social media to engage their purchasing choices. Influencer suggestions are said to be relied on by 49% of individuals. In addition, out of the total Twitter users 40 percent of them indicate they have purchased a product as a result of a tweet.


  1. Affiliate marketing pays 34 percent of companies having less than 5,000 organic visitors.

Affiliate money is the primary source of revenue for publications with less than 5,000 total visitors each month, according to them. It is also evident as per the same source that, 64% of companies say they didn’t fulfil their income expectations achieved through affiliate marketing. From 2015 to 2016, seventy seven percent of publishing houses said that earnings through affiliate marketing programs rose or stayed stable.

9.     Generating revenue through online purchases is time consuming.

Affiliate marketing may take up to half a year or even more before you start earning-Affise report. It will all be determined by your ability to be inventive with the SEO optimization using the right keywords and the quality of content.  The effectiveness of your passive income approach is also influenced by social media marketing. To create demand search interest needs to be built up. 

  1. Benefit for every age.

Affiliates in the 25-54 age group make up the majority of the group. The majority of affiliate marketers, 31.86 percent, are between the ages of 35 and 45, with roughly 12% being aged 55 and older.  The marketing sites will almost certainly see higher user growth amongst the old as the young generation of today starts to age.


We are living today in a digital world. The possibilities of affiliate marketing are endless. Sky is the limit!

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