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Fashion surrounds us everywhere. Those who do not care about the fashion trends even think what color or what design they want to wear before wearing it. Fashion cannot be denied. Fashion has a distinctive property. It changes. However, it repeats itself after every span of time. So it is fair to say that one should not throw away anything, as fashion will repeat itself.  


The skill to style clothes, shoes, accessories and other styling products to get a particular look which is both suitable for the occasion and also a treat to watch. Every person has a unique taste of fashion. The sense of fashion varies from person to person. Regardless of the color, caste, and creed every individual follows a fashion trend that suits their taste and most importantly their budget. As the best quality products are also the most expensive. However, the fashion trends are best visible in celebrities. Infact, they are the ones who create fashion trends; a path lightened up by them for others to follow. Here are three most iconic and fashionable celebrities whom the world looks upto;



Lady Gaga is one of the boldest celebrities when it comes to fashion. Her fashion statement is so fearless that at times many people criticize her because of her taste and outfits. One day you will see her pulling off a long cloak, while the next day she will be hitting the scene wearing small suits. Long black hair one day; going bald with pierced ears the other.   

Her success in the music industry cannot be just applauded because of her great vocals. Her daring sense of fashion has a major part to play in her fame and success. No wonder she has proved to be a complete package.

Being a part of the pop music world, she has made a great stamp with her fashion. Her appearances in award ceremonies and other gatherings are always exciting for the media and fans, as she shows up in the most unexpected style every time.


One of the most sophisticated, and graceful celebrities of Hollywood is Angelina Jolie. She with her expensive and classy fashion taste, impresses everyone in the room. She has been part of the industry since a great deal of time, and has displayed the most elegant and refined fashion sense. Her red carpet appearances take the breath away by stunning outfits. Her fashion sense has evolved since the 90s, and is still gracefully mending.


The Original Monarch who was and will always remain at the pinnacle of Royalty with regards to her exclusive fashion taste. No wonder she was a Royal. She set the tone for style during her lifetime and at times went out of the box to come off as a leader in fashion mantra.

The first show of her style and grace coupled with an exceptionally high fashion sense was on her wedding day. Her pictures still remain in limelight as a fashion guide, despite it has been years since her death. She was so much like a fairytale princess. Her outfits made her look like someone from the fairy tale. Her confidence in fashion kept on growing with the passage of time; and her taste grew more and more refined.


All three of the above discussed celebrities will always remain perfect themes for fashion. They display the traits of being superior vis-à-vis style and fashion. People will always look up to them to get a taste of the fashion in the gone years, and also the years to come.

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