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Out of 7.9 billion people in the world, about 3 billion people are gamers. Some people might be playing professionally while a major chunk do it for fun. Whatever the case may be, the fact that such great ratio of population being associated to video games; raises the ultimate question, “Are video games really a waste of time?”


There can be several reasons why people play video games for. Some might be playing it for fun or entertainment, some for stress-relieving, while others might do it professionally. Gaming can be a leisure activity only if it is played with self-control. There is a fine line between, video games being played for entertainment, and video games as a waste of time.


It is a case oriented matter. For someone sitting on a train travelling to work or college, playing video games would not be a waste of time, as there is very little that is achievable during that time period, apart from reading a book, or attending an online meeting which also can be a hobby. However, if playing video games is causing hindrances in achieving one’s meaningful goals or even having trouble allowing to be productive in one’s daily life, this is where video games can be considered as really a waste of time. Playing video games can have a damaging impact in your social well-being. Apart from that, video games played extensively can indicate to a much more serious underlying psychological cause that might require medical attention.


Banned video games is not uncommon in different parts of the world, due to the violent aspect of video games. Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Pakistan and Australia are some of the many countries that have banned video games due to the violence and negative perception of the respective country. One can try to set aside the addiction of video games by setting a timeline of not playing video games for that certain period of time. It can be termed as a Video Game Detoxification.


When viewed from the lens of social fabric, it can be seen to be causing damage in relationships, drifting away people from their families or even worse making them more violent due to the competitive nature of some video games. However, if the balance is lost, it can soon turn into an addiction and ultimately putting the person in the group of people whom others consider are the reason why playing video games are considered a waste of time. Playing video games is not just a waste of time Like every other hobby, playing video games is a harmless activity if done in a right balance.

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