What are the disadvantages of using a travel agent? Of 2022

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Travelling sounds good if the destination is full of excitement and fun, but using a travel agency, maybe the best travel agency but it can certainly ruin the trip if the tour and travel agency is not up to the mark, or according to your expectations.

When traveling with a travel agency always make sure that the person you are traveling with is not charging you more money, which most of the time is not the case, the main motive of tours and travel agencies is to generate revenue for the company which no doubt should be their motive but they should also increase their customer care and client’s satisfaction as per their demand, a lot of issues are there nowadays while traveling with a travel agency that we have highlighted hope they will be beneficial for you while traveling.

Travel agencies Charging more than normal:

While planning a vacation people most of the time are in search of a travel agency, this approach is not so beneficial for saving money instead the guide or the travel agency will charge you more than normal. Another problem is that you might be charged heavily while traveling when you ask for something extra or any extraordinary favor, along with this you may be charged with heavy service charges as well by the tour and travel agency.

Travel agents have contacts with flight booking agents, and have booked the tickets before at cheap rates and they will charge you the current market prices hence you will have to pay extra cash to travel booking agents.

Limited exposure by booking through a Vacation travel agency:

If you are planning a vacation and you have locked the location to be explored, here then comes the vacation travel agency, the main drawback of planning through a vacation travel agency is the limited exposure one would get and those limitations would be proposed by the vacation travel agency and you will not be able to explore the destination by yourself in most of the cases the vacation travel agency have selected some of the destinations to cut the cost and for their ease, but in the same price, you can get to explore more areas of the holiday destination rather than depending on one person or agency to make you travel around the destination.

Mostly the travel agents select 2 or 3 popular destinations in that area and do not let you see some of the other areas as well they also take a commission from the shopkeepers, and taxi cab drivers in the name of providing business to them so the thing is you get everything expensive which will definitely increase the cost of the product and travel as well, so always compare prices from side vendors when you are traveling through a vacation travel agent.

Best travel agency:

Nowadays the best travel agency is you, your phone and the internet, as time has changed many other things have changed now everything is online for example you can book your tickets online, you can also book hotels or rooms online and also check their ratings and people comments, this will give you a better idea how the place actually is rather than depending on the travel agency.

The reason for the best travel agency is that you can explore all the options online and go for the best maybe it will be more expensive but it surely with better opportunities and lead to better options that you or your family can enjoy, and if you have saved some money by switching to cheap hotels maybe you can extend your vacations with no extra cost! That’s the reason one can be his own best travel agency.

Change in plan and travel agent companies:

 Sometimes while enjoying a vacation with family, there can be a change in plan or any other change which is not included in the package of travel agent companies, at first the travel agent companies are not fond of adjusting or altering the package that you bought from them or for which you paid for and if they will change or alter the package they will charge you extra cash for the demand you raised, now moving on to the other scenario if you are not using services of travel agent companies you can change your plan on your own without any hustle or bustle and if you are staying in a hotel and you plan to stay longer than you planned, you can easily book it for more days as per change in your plan but, while traveling with travel agent companies first of all they will not allow you to stay longer than mentioned in package because they have already booked your next staying destination on cheaper rates they will never extend their current booking on much higher rates aside from  the rate they have booked earlier, that’s the reason the travel agent companies will never allow you to stay longer on a destination they have booked for you. The same problem lies with the transport service travel booking agents have already booked transport service for you and they will not be happy if there is a change in plan regarding destination, while traveling on your own this is never the problem simply you can be your own boss.

How can be a travel booking agent avoided?

As mentioned previously, everything nowadays is available on the internet, from booking a flight online to booking a hotel room online. If you are traveling with your family and you are worried about how to move locally, well here is the solution to it now you can rent a car directly from the airport and can enjoy the vacation with your family.

And if you travel solo you can use city trams or local buses to reach your desired destination, in this way you will explore more of the destination at a low cost as compared to the cost paid to travel booking agents. Also, booking the hotel rooms at least a week or two before this will drastically cut the cost of booking the hotel at the time of arrival.

Also explore all the famous spots, horticulture, time square, and nightlife of the vacation destination which will surely be not included in the package, nowadays there are many applications that help you select or book hotels at discounted rates. Same as that you can book your flights online through such applications which give you an opportunity to compare the rates with other flights.

Now for solo travelers the pro tip they shall be used with accommodation Is to use air BnB as it is available in most tourist destinations instead of staying in middle-class hotel rooms booked by experienced travel agents because this trick can save you a lot of money which you can even use to stay longer than planned by a travel agent. Going on a trip through a travel agent has some pros and some cons, but considering the current technology and options available on the internet one can make his own plan and be his own agent whether he Is traveling with his family or traveling solo, same packages with discounted prices can be found on different sites with a lot of other different options rather than relying on a tours and travels agency.                                                                

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