How would you keep yourself safe while traveling?

Travelling might be your hobby or it may be travel for vacation, meeting, or any other purpose. While traveling what are the main points of keeping yourself safe while traveling? Here is a list of points on how would you keep yourself safe while traveling:

Always know your destination:

For safe travel, the main thing which comes first is the knowledge about the destination for this purpose you may hire a travel guide, the more knowledge you will have the better your trip will be. Nowadays you can get knowledge through the internet as it connects the whole world, whatever the source is, knowing your destination well can save you time well as money.

Stay in contact and be safe on travel:

There must be at least two to three persons with whom you must be in contact for the whole time when traveling, keep them up to date for safe travels, and send them your current location in case something bad happens they know your exact location and the place where you are staying.

Carry extra copies of your particulars for safe travels:

This might be the most useful tip among the travel tips, keeping extra copies of your passport, identification card, and any other documents necessary for your travel, in case of loss of original documents you must have duplicate copies to support yourself, to be safe on travel keep at least three pair of copies to avoid weird situations.

Keep an eye on your surroundings!

Going to a new place, knowing your surroundings well before reaching the destination searching about the place on google interact with locals to know about the place may hire a travel guide. While hiring a travel guide try to hire a local travel guide as they know more about the area and ask them the places to avoid and the safe places to explore to be safe on traveling.

Things to avoid while selecting a hotel:

 While traveling other travel safety tips include the selection of a hotel, ask your travel guide for some good hotels or you should search online, as there are many sites providing these services of helping you select the hotel, while selecting the hotel the travel tip here is to not go for a very cheap hotel in the city, instead go for the hotel which is well reputed, and the way to check the repute of the hotel is to go online check their ratings and also check the users comments book the hotel before you arrive air may be a week earlier this can save you money and you will have a chance to change your decision.

Avoid going to shady areas:

For safe travel one must have an overview of the place he or she is about to visit, this can be simply done by asking your travel guide or asking the native people as they know about the areas which are shady, or you can simply check online reviews of people that have been there. The main reason for this travel tip is to be safe from dangerous areas where the crime rate is high.

Scam Alert!

 All over the world, there are some popular scams, If you want to travel safely and want to enjoy your trip or vacation, before reaching the destination always search for the popular scams that are present there more often. It can be any local scams like airport taxi scams, mobile connection scams, and many other scams that people will try there. The best way to avoid these scams is to be vigilant and always ask for the price before proceeding further, this will not allow people to scam you. Nowadays there are many sites online doing great work regarding scam alerts, these applications will tell you about popular scams occurring in the area of your stay. The best example can be a popular scam in Turkey that happened to me they give you a flower and you accept it as a token of appreciation, but once the drama of appreciation is over they start asking you for a huge amount of money for that flower or it might be any other object, first of all, do not accept anything for free, and in case you get stuck in such a situation the best way to handle this situation is to seek help from the police instead of arguing from them.

Avoid local street food and stay hydrated!

We have all heard health is wealth, and one must be very careful about it. For safe travels one must be healthy and fit so, they can enjoy the trip or finish a business meeting, if there are health issues you can do none of the above. Always drink mineral-packed water this travel tip might not loo important but this travel tip is one the most important while traveling, also avoid going to areas with mosquitos and flies, for profit maximization street vendors normally use low-quality ingredients in their food which might make you sick. Speaking of health I would like to add one more travel tip take a shower often, because when you travel you are unaware of the germs that get stuck to you, and taking shower after every flight is the best technique to avoid any viral disease.

Secure your hotel room:

When leaving the hotel room always make sure that you don’t leave the passport and other valuables like your watch or wallet, and these safety travel tips will ensure your well-being. Also, take your belongings with you at the time of room service and going to the gym or mess. Always inform t the information desk when you leave the hotel and when you enter the hotel and keep a track record of your own timings this will ensure safety on travel. If there is any difficulty in carrying your things with you always keep them in a safe locker available in the room most of the time the things get stolen in your absence from your room.

Visit your insurance company:

Whenever we talk about how would you keep yourself safe while traveling, it is important for you to be familiar with travel insurance, for safe travels, you must have travel insurance up to date, this insurance will give you security if you do not have any travel insurance you must get travel insurance because it is much needed while traveling, it is cheap and worthwhile in case of any bad thing happens related to travel, this travel insurance will always be a cover at your back.

Digital travel safety tips:

In this modern and continuously changing world, digital travel safety tips are very much important and are a vital component among other tips. To be on the safe side keep your phone on a data package, avoid using free public wifi at different places as a lot of people are using these and many bugs are present there, once the bug enters your phone and the hacker can steal all the information on your phone which includes your private numbers, your private photos and pics of your documents and this is the game of seconds and they may use it in their own way which is a big message for traveling safely.

Do not take dangerous photos:

 A good trip can turn into an evil trip or an even worse trip if this safe travel tip is not in your mind. Nowadays picture has become one of the main hazards among all others, hundreds of people have died while taking selfies from cliffs and other dangerous points, and thousands of them are injured every single year! So, don’t be silly and be liable for your whole life it might be fascinating, but it is equally dangerous. It is not only the mountains, for example, but you also visit a volcano site do not try to be too near, but another example would also be visiting a zoo where there are exotic animals never get too close to the cage to maintain a safe distance while visiting such places.

Some Common travel safety tips you need to know:

Beyond how would you keep yourself safe while traveling among all the other common travel safety tips, you should not look strange, or in other words, try to blend with the cultural dress or the most common dress worn there, the reason here is that being an outsider means being more vulnerable to crime one can judge you easily and you can get scammed. While traveling always keep some extra cash in case of emergency, theft, or robbery this cash will be a big support in uneven times. Don’t drink in excess from which you exceed your limit of yours, this is the perfect time to get robbed when you are not sober and can’t control yourself. Always be patient and never hurry for, things may take time but when you will hurry you will make the situation a lot worse, try to learn the vernacular language or just observe and try to learn some of the common words this will not only increase your vocabulary but also will help you, especially in bargaining with shopkeepers.

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