Keto Chocolate Cake Of 2023

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  • No flour.
  • Easy to make.
  • Great for parties.
  • Bake for 30 minutes.
  • Time-saving delicious and yummy cake recipe for diet-conscious people.

It’s almost too good to believe!


  • Dark chocolate:250g.
  • (You make sure that it is very dark).
  • Butter:100g.
  • Sugar-free sweet:5 tbsp.
  • (You can use any sugar-free substitute).
  • Eggs:04.
  • Cooking oil:6 tbsp.

Baking remedy for keto chocolate cake;

Hey, guise this is Khadija Ali hope you all are fine. Now it’s time to make this keto chocolate cake. And I think a lot of minds wonder if this is a keto cake. Because a lot of cream and chocolate you use have some amount of sugar. If you eat one slice of this keto chocolate cake you with know this cake I seriously a low-carb cake.

Let’s go to talk about cake. Wait a minute, let’s go to make this cake. First, make sure you have a nice tin in which you gonna make this cake. Now take a brush, wait, not a hair brush or toothbrush, took a cooking brush, and now grease a cake tin with the help of this brush. Actually, I’m fond of kidding so please never mind. Any type of cooking oil you can use no matter what. The tin I use is 7inch it is because I gonna this cake nice and high today I’m making this cake for my sister. Because today is her birthday. And she is very diet conscious.

So, I thought of baking this cake for her. It’s a secret ok. But you can use a large can. It’s not a big issue.
Once you greased the tin, then you preheat the oven from 150-160°C. Preheat the oven if necessary for baking. The next thing I go to do is a bar of melted chocolate. I’m going to melt chocolate on low heat but you can melt this chocolate in a microwave oven for only one minute. As chocolate is going to melt, I’m going to add butter to this now. And left them to melt slowly and steadily. It’s now looking very nice and smooth. I can’t control myself from eating this chocolate cake because dark chocolate is my favorite you know. Oh, I forgot how would you know because I’m telling you for the first time. I think a person who never likes chocolate is not a human, keep calm I’m just kidding. I know you will be also fond of chocolate. Am I right?
Moving on…..
Our chocolate and butter are quite ready now. We add cream and mix it well giving a nice taste to our cake recipe. Now cream is mixed with our melted butter and chocolate. Now add 5tbsp of any sugar-free sweet for taste. As this is a low-carbonate cake recipe so, we use sugar-free sweets. Now keep our mixture to a side and let it cool because if we use this hot mixture, then the egg it should be scrambled.
So let it cool and now move toward eggs. I break four eggs. And separate the white and yolk of the eggs. First I use white eggs. I blend it without any addition, if you want you can add a pinch of salt or 3drops of lime juice to this white egg mixture.
Now it is done moving towards the pure chocolate mixture, it is cooled now. So we will blend it also. Now add the egg yolk to the mixture and blend it for 3 minutes. (Make sure you add one yolk to the chocolate mixture at a time after blending and add another one).
By doing this at the end you find smooth, lovely chocolate. Now, this is the final of our mixture add the white egg to the chocolate mixture. (Make sure you add the white eggs to the chocolate mixture by dividing them into two parts). I’m going to lose my patience by seeing this mixture. It looks very delicious. Now our cake mixture is done.
Now it’s time to pour our mixture into the tin that we grease for cake baking. Once the mat is done you balance the mixture upwards with a brush or with a flat spoon.
Now we put it inside the oven for about 30 minutes, at the bottom, so it can’t chuck. And that’s it.
I bring it out after 30 minutes, just look at this. Oh my God, that looks every or that looks heavy. Don’t lose patience. Wait for the cake to cool before you finish cutting and frosting it out. Now keto chocolate cake is ready. Wait a minute, I think I forget to tell you that I bake this cake without flour.

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