Yeezy slides were produced for the first time in 2020, and since then, they have turned into the best loungewear footwear at any point made. Yeezy slides are changing the shoe trend.

While there is an entire heap of people holding on to buy Yeezy slides, it is vital to note that sizing has ended up being an issue for some individuals before. We have made an average size guide for you to make sure you never purchase the wrong size again in the future.

Size guide

people and Adidas say that Yeezy slides can fit a wide range of foot shapes; however, this is not correct. Yeezy slides are small for most of the foot shapes. They run a little tight around the mid-foot.

  1. If you have wide feet, buy full-size Yeezy slides for yourself because midfoot will not fit you. It will be too tight.
  2. For normal feet size, the expert says it is better to go with a Yeezy slide that is half a size up.
  3. If you have a very narrow foot, stay with your actual size and buy a Yeezy slide of the same size as your other sandals and shoes.

Underneath, we have addressed some inquiries concerning Yeezy slides. They will help you understand more about Yeezy slides and make your purchase simpler.

What is the material of Yeezy slides?

Yeezy slides are made from EVA foam. They have a thick EVA foam layer that makes the Yeezy slide sturdy and lightweight.

Are Yeezy slides comfortable?

The Yeezy slides look very big in contrast with a different shoe. It means that if you take a size up, it can make your feet look huge. Maybe the principal motivation behind launching these shoes was comfort and relaxation. The padding is truly delicate underfoot without being excessively soft. They are especially perfect as the material, and the wide strapless shape causes you to feel truly amazing. You can undoubtedly wear these all day, particularly during the lockdown.

Are they smooth, or are they textured?

The outer layer of the original Yeezy slide is exceptionally smooth, soft, and even while the fake slides have an intense and grainy surface. This way, you can touch a Yeezy slide and know whether they are replicas or not before buying them.

Are they anti-slip?

Yes, Yeezy slides are non-slip because of their underfoot pattern.

Can you go in the water with your Yeezy slides?

In this regard, they are better than foam slides. You would have the option to stroll over little puddles or wet surfaces, which is not the case with other foam slides. Since there is less surface in touch with water, you can walk on wet surfaces with Yeezy slides. However, Yeezy slides are comprised of EVA foam; they are not rubber slides, so be careful and do not wear them in water.

Are kid sizes available in Yeezy slides?

Indeed, Yeezy slides come in kid sizes. For babies and little children, the slides have a back-tie to prevent them from tumbling off.

How to clean Yeezy slides?

Since they are made from foam, not elastic material; so, never attempt to clean them by pouring a great deal of water. It is easy to clean Yeezy slides even without using brushes. Due to EVA foam, all you want is warm foamy water and a small piece of cloth.

Are they of good quality?

Yeezy slides are entirely solid and long-lasting. Go and check this yourself. Wear these shoes for a month and then search for scratches. You will scarcely track down any wear on the shoe.

Are there women’s sizes in Yeezy slides?

No, for the Yeezy slides, everything there is men’s size. If you are a lady, measure your woman’s size and subtract 1.5 from it to get your men’s size. If your ladies’ size is 7, purchase a couple of Yeezy slides of 5.5.

Are there half sizes available?

Yeezy slides don’t come in half sizes. So, assuming you are between sizes, you want to get the following standard size.

How do you style Yeezy slides?

Yeezy slides look perfect with pajamas, trousers, and sweatshirts. Since they are loungewear accessories, so it is smarter to wear them with your ordinary and simple dresses. However, there is no damage in going to shops or a supermarket wearing them.

The Yeezy slides are certainly worth the price particularly if you can buy them for retail at $60, which is unimaginably possible. They are super comfy, durable, and quit in at the moment, so do check them out.


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